Rebranding the Newark Workforce Development Board

The Newark Workforce Development Board (NWDB) is a non-profit organization in Newark, New Jersey that plays an important role in connecting the business community with the local workforce. The NWDB is responsible for coordinating publicly funded workforce services and job training programs to create a system that benefits both job seekers and businesses.

In May 2016, the Newark Workforce Investment Board changed their name to the Newark Workforce Development Board. New name, new mission, and new branding! The NWDB serves the diverse population that is Newark, and it was important that the new identity reflect that. This was accomplished using the iconic buildings of the Newark skyline, an array of colour to portray diversity and inclusiveness, and bold typography to showcase a professional and modern organization.

Brochure with logo and photography
Sample postcards
Corporate stationery including business card, envelope, and letterhead